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A.A.G. Stucchi

A.A.G. Stucchi has been an active leader in the field of lighting for more than 70 years, producing “Made in Italy” quality components. During these years they grew not only relying on their passion and experience, but also their strong relation with their customers.  They have evolved from being a component supplier to a reliable partner with whom to collaborate in creating lighting solutions.
The lighting market is complex, quickly evolving and full of challenges.  Their positive approach has allowed them to turn market challenges into opportunities. LED technology presented Stucchi with a real challenge.  It is one they have faced with head on by expanding their product range while at the same time not changing their core business. They invest every year in research and development to give their clients more and more complete solutions. Their systems for track lighting, ONETRACK and MULTISYSTEM, are the best example of this approach. Their success during the years has led them to expand abroad. They now have 3 subsidiaries and 80 specialized agents/distributors all over the world.

The vastness of their product range represents a massive resource for A.A.G. Stucchi, as it ensures that they are always able to offer a complete range to our clients and partners, meaning there is no limit to the scope of their ideas.
ONETRACK – three phase mixed system 220 - 240 V with two additional conductors intended to manage a general data signal (for example dali, dmx, lon, eib, etc.)
LIGHT INSIDE ONETRACK – range of luminaires for use with ONETRACK range tracks
E-TRACK - a new product range certified for emergency lighting use. E-TRACK is a 230 V ON/OFF system suitable for use with emergency standard or combined lighting fixtures with built-in battery. The system is ENEC certified thanks to the use of special accessories, connections and adapter sets. It is based on the existing ONETRACK ADVANCE, thus ensuring compatibility with its accessories.
MODULINE – modular linear lighting for ONETRACK
MULTISYSTEM and MULTIYSYSTEM EVO – low voltage track system 48 V DC with integrated control module, giving maximum freedom and flexibility in creating the perfect minimalist and innovative design
LIGHT INSIDE MULTISYSTEM – a range of ready-made lighting fixtures for use with MULTISYSTEM tracks
KOMPO - the new modular structure developed to create dynamic and multi-level lighting projects through low voltage tracks. The system is based on electrical connections made at different levels that easily connect tracks (MULTISYSTEM EVO ST15) horizontally and vertically, as well as at different levels. This creates 3D structures made of tracks on which it is possible to place spotlights, linear light modules and indirect lighting depending on the needs of the customers.
SENZAFINE – to create an infinite light line with different optics for MULTISYSTEM
MICRO – a miniaturized version of tracks for low voltage. All tracks have the same "smart core" with an integrated DATABUS for light control, which provides freedom and flexibility in design
CORE5 - the latest linear lighting system that extremely reduces the size of the low voltage tracks, even more than the MICRO range. The CORE5 adds a very elegant touch to residential, commercial and office spaces where track mounting space is limited and attention to detail is a must.
LIGHT INSIDE CORE5 – range of ready-made luminaires compatible with the CORE5 range
CONNECTIONS – connectors for lighting and electrical systems
CRYSTAL – radiators for cooling LED spotlights and spots
A.A.G STUCCHI APP – an app for easy light control available for Android and iOS

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