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A.A.G. Stucchi has been an active leader in the field of lighting for more than 70 years, producing “Made in Italy” quality components. During these years they grew not only relying on their passion and experience, but also their strong relation with their customers.  They have evolved from being a component supplier to a reliable partner with whom to collaborate in creating lighting solutions.
The lighting market is complex, quickly evolving and full of challenges.  Their positive approach has allowed them to turn market challenges into opportunities. LED technology presented Stucchi with a real challenge.  It is one they have faced with head on by expanding their product range while at the same time not changing their core business. They invest every year in research and development to give their clients more and more complete solutions. Their systems for track lighting, ONETRACK and MULTISYSTEM, are the best example of this approach. Their success during the years has led them to expand abroad. They now have 3 subsidiaries and 80 specialized agents/distributors all over the world.

Light takes life inside the MULTISYSTEM® and MULTISYSTEM® EVO low voltage tracks with different modular solutions developed both for applications where a track system already exists or is being installed and in those where standalone configurations are necessary. Hence the development of SENZAFINE, the product that makes the creation of an “endless light line” possible inside MULTISYSTEM® tracks. The system is available in different lengths and with various optics and lens that create countless lighting solutions for all project needs. The next logical step was the development of the MULTISYSTEM READY product range. Ready to use solutions based on tracks meant for different uses and applications with integrated direct and/or indirect light; easy to install and always flexible thanks to track infrastructure.
SENZAFINE linear light modules constitute a complete range for all track lighting installations. Modules are in different lengths. They use high-quality LED modules with high Color Rendering Index (CRI≥90 and CRI≥95 R9-80) ensuring the best possible visual comfort. DALI SELV version can be controlled easily through a tablet or mobile device using the A.A.G. Stucchi Light Control App available on App Store. Installation is easy and fast, without tools.
SENZAFINE is intended to be used in various track lighting applications. This is why the range included products with different characteristics. An opal lens provide diffused light while the microprismatic one spreads the light over a larger surface. The UGR<19 version makes the system suitable to be used where glare must be minimized like in the work place while lenses allow the light to have precise distribution to illuminate objects of defined spaces. SENZAFINE is also ADJUSTABLE, so that you can direct light to one direction or the other depending on the needs and TWIST, to create dynamic light layouts.













For more information about the products, please visit the official site of the company: https://www.aagstucchi.it/en/

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