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Choose the right LED lighting solution

Philips LED lamps come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Their lamps use up to 80% less energy than traditional lamps. They provide consistent light quality over time and are durable. A guarantee that you will always make the right choice.
Philips Lighting's extensive range of lamps includes LED, halogen and fluorescent light bulbs for home, office, car and more. They come with an impressive variety of shapes, styles and bodies. Whether you want to create the perfect atmosphere for your home, breathe energy into your office, find out how colors add coziness, add décor, or simply save energy and reduce electricity bills, PHILIPS has something for you.

Discover the benefits of LED lighting:

Warm white light

Create a warm, cozy atmosphere with
LED energy saving lamps

Energy efficiency

Longer life and up to 90% less electricity than
traditional light sources

Quality of light

Enjoy perfect light quality, instant on and
with no warm-up time


Create the right atmosphere with
the right dimming of LED lighting

Plus, it's easy to find the best lighting solution, because Philips launches the light bulb wizard. Fun and easy to use, the tool ensures that you always choose the right lamp for your needs: https://www.lighting.philips.bg/consumer/choose-a-bulb#bulb_advisor

For more information about the products, please visit the official site of the company: https://www.lighting.philips.bg/

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