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The world leader in lighting solutions Signify - Philips has expanded its Ultra Efficient product range with its most energy efficient LED tube to date. Thanks to its high efficiency, Philips MASTER LEDtube UE can help customers cope with the global energy crisis, the growing pressure for a lower carbon footprint and the stricter legislation of the European Union.

Last year, Signify took new steps with the launch of the Philips LED A-class bulb, which consumes 60% less energy than a standard Philips LED. MASTER LEDtube UE continues this technological innovation to expand the portfolio of energy-efficient products that meet the Class A criteria of the new EU energy labeling and ecodesign framework. According to these updated rules, lighting products need an energy efficiency of at least 210 lm/W to obtain an A class.

With a lifetime of as much as 100,000 hours, the new tube lasts five times longer than the conventional MASTER TL-D counterpart. This eliminates the need for regular shifts, increasing cost savings while reducing waste.

Especially in industry, warehouses, offices, schools and commercial areas where all-day lighting is required, switching to ultra-efficient LEDs can dramatically reduce lighting-related energy consumption. Compared to a fluorescent tube, the new Philips MASTER LEDtube UE can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 2,285 kg over its lifetime – equivalent to the emissions absorbed by more than 100 trees.

• Saves up to 44% energy costs compared to standard LED tubes
• Extremely long life of 100,000 hours – more than 3 times longer than standard LED tubes
• Rotating cap that puts light where it's needed
• Plastic design that contributes to shatter resistance in accordance with the IEC 61549 standard
• 210 lm/W ultra-efficient to achieve an incredible class A energy efficiency rating
• Reliable operation with a 10-year warranty

Lumex Lighting is an official distibutor of Signify - Philips in Bulgaria

To get more information about MASTER LEDtube UE and other lighting products, you can contact us at the given contacts or check out the Philips website here.

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